Where the boys are…


Hit Broadway musical, Jersey Boys, arrives soon in Jo’burg and Cape Town, with an all-South African cast. Keith Bain chatted with Anton Luitingh, the show’s resident director, about the production, his life in musical theatre and gay stereotypes in the industry.

Emmanuel interviewed on NeoFundi


Emmanuel Castis, our latest fundi, is a professional actor for 10 years. He started out in musical theatre – Rocky in The Rocky Horror Show, the Prince in Cinders and Her Fella. This was followed by a number of stage roles in plays Macbeth. Musical shows over the years include Frankly Speaking, Bachelor Boy, Let the […]

Emmanuel Castis’s ‘project me’ story


Read the latest Emmanuel interview on ‘Project Me’ – full story at jodeneshaer.com: What is your definition of happiness? My definition of happiness is being surrounded by people you love, and who love you in return. If you could have everyone say one thing to themselves every day, what would it be? I am worthy of […]

Emmanuel goes green! (Women 24)


“Respecting yourself means respecting your environment,” he says. “I have always had a great love for animals and nature. As I grew up I became increasingly aware of the issues that affect our environment.” For Emmanuel, it’s the little things that make a big difference when it comes to being enviro-friendly. “You don’t have to […]

Emmanuel in Cleo


Buy the August issue of Cleo magazine for Guy Talk with Emmanuel Castis.

60 sekondes met Emmanuel Castis

Hy is terug in die tweede reeks van die gewilde Erfsondes op SABC2 en het ook onlangs by die sepie Scandal! op e.tv aangesluit as die jazz-musikant Cole. Charis Labuschagne het gaan hoor hoe dit met hom gaan. Erfsondes doen baie goed. Hoekom? Dis ’n kragtige storie wat goed geskryf is en groot talente soos […]

Emmanuel Castis soek in elke rol ’n uitdaging

  Die akteur Emmanuel Castis is tans op die kassie te sien in twee uiteenlopende rolle, in twee verskillende TV-reekse: Scandal en Erfsondes 2. Vir Scandal op e.tv is hy die sjarmante Cole, en in Erfsondes op SABC2 het kykers hom al leer ken as die selfversekerde Chris. Die karakter van Cole, ’n musikant, beskryf […]