What happened to 2009?

I’m staring at my calendar and cannot believe it’s the end of the year already. I have always felt insulted when I walked into shops to find the Christmas merchandise on sale from October – there in your face!!! I’m not what one would call an anti-consumerist but it seems that retailers lack common decency when it comes to Christmas. This year I hardly noticed. I think there is so much happening all the time – a continuous assault on the senses – that I must have hit some sort of sensory overload and phased it out. This is the time of year when things get crazy and you’re running from pillar to post like a headless chicken. Stop – breathe in and relax. Now run!!

And if you’re going away, take it easy and enjoy your R&R. For the foodies among us check out a book called POMEGRANATE SOUP for some very unusual recipes – maybe you can vary the standard festive/holiday fair.