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Time seems to fly by…

It was the end of April just 2 days ago wasn’t it? When I was younger I remember listening to the adults saying that time flies and I just didn’t get it. The days were always long and filled with adventure. My favourite pastime was whiling away the hours in pet shops. Can you use “whiling” this way?

I travelled on the school-bus. Often I just wouldn’t make it home and my mother would go sleuthing to find her only son. You have no idea how enamoured Greek mothers are of their sons! Panic would set in – she would phone everyone and then start scouring the streets. And all the while I was in the pet shop. Good name for a horror film “THE PET SHOP”. Life was about the small things. Now I rush from pillar to post feeling stressed, trying to keep up with it all. Everything becomes a mountain. One of my favourite lines from a film, the name of which escapes me right now, is “I’ve learned 2 things in life, one, don’t sweat the small things and two, everything is small things”. So for this month I am planning to chill out – play some golf in the warm winter afternoon sun, potter around the house playing handyman, fly-fish if I can stand the cold, and watch Bafana Bafana. A toast to Bafana Bafana! Call me an optimist but I believe our boys will do well. Their track record may not be great – but do you kick a child when it’s down? No you pick it up and help it move on. So I’ve got my money on Bafana Bafana making it at least to the quarter finals. I’m on the way to the tote right now!!!