Something new for us 30-somethings!


I was reading – on the web, I think – about Dogbook – the equivalent of Facebook but for dogs or rather their owners. The rationale I think was that 30-somethings who aren’t sure about having kids should get a dog to test the waters. While I can attest to the lifestyle changes that come with the responsibility of pets it’s not quite the same thing. You feed the pooch, you play with it/walk it, take it to dog school but you don’t need a babysitter every time you go out, it doesn’t scream at the check-out counter in the shops because it wants the sweetie and school is a short term investment. I reeled the other day when some friends told me what they are paying in school fees for their kids. Having said all that there’s something to be said about coming home after a hard day to a wagging tail and some unconditional affection. So 30-somethings out there – is Dogbook for you?