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Emmanuel Castis Visits South Africa

Emmanuel Castis, one of South Africa’s most beloved actors has gone Hollywood! Yes, going Hollywood is a clear sign of a stellar career on the rise – and Emmanuel Castis’ is shooting up (no pun intended) like a rocket. Having recently moved to Los Angeles, the capital of entertainment in the world, to add to his resume, Emmanuel returned home to South Africa for a brief moment to visit his family and friends. He sat down with TMTv-SA’s Ayanda Sky for a candid conversation to talk about his move, his life in the City of Angels, his challenges and the future of his career in the land of opportunity, and of course, his debut on the longest running soap opera in the world: “General Hospital”. One thing we know for sure, though, is that Emmanuel Castis will soon be a household name in Hollywood and around the world. Watch this space!


September 21, 2018