One for the Green Celebs

I was asked recently to do an interview for a series called Green Celebs. It wasn’t published but it did get me thinking. Not two days after I did the interview (by email) I read an article on I can’t remember the name of the article and I can’t remember the journalist’s name but boy did it get me thinking. Actually if made feel like a fraud. I’m way over that now. Basically it classified greenies into three – the real deal and the talkers and the non-greenies. Anyway the talkers are basically the people who use all the right buzzwords but aren’t at the top of their game. I deliberated (big word huh!!) decided maybe I wasn’t a real green activist – what was I doing giving an interview on green issues – what was I thinking – one video on glass recycling does not an activist make!!! The article clearly resonated. I have come back to my starting place though – everything starts with a small beginning. So whatever you’re doing to conserve our planet – keep doing it – every little thing makes a difference.

I was given a wonderful book by the Glass Recycling Company by way of thanks – Deon Chang’s book about global trends. Some interesting stuff. There’s an interesting commentary on current affairs by Ferial Haffajee (she used to be/is with Mail and Guardian??) and a frightening article entitled Feral Children. I say no more – go buy it – or test drive it at Exclusive and see whether or not it’s your cup of tea.