Just June

My truth this month is about assumption and opportunity. It seems to me that the air between all of us is littered with unsaid things. While it is true that some things should remain unsaid, assumption comes in the way of many meaningful friendships and relationships. My sister often says when you assume, you make an ASS of U and ME. It would simply be much easier if we grabbed the opportunity to ask the question, say what is on our minds or in our hearts and get on with it. The feeling of rejection, disappointment, or embarrassment can hardly be worse than the feeling of constant uncertainty, or even worse paranoia. Opportunity is like a wisened bald old man walking by, the only tuft of hair in the centre of his head just above his forehead. If you don’t grab a hold of that when he’s headed toward you, he’ll pass you by and you have no chance of getting hold of him again.