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It’s been a while

It has been a while since my last blog (stating the obvious). The intervening time has been filled with radio interviews, my CD launch, corporate performances and MCing work. It has been really hectic – but fun. The CD launch was great – very well attended. I was nervous – boy was I nervous. Singing tracks from my album for the first time to a room full of critics??? It’s not that I haven’t put myself out there before. This is different. I almost expect people to judge me more harshly than other musicians. You know how it goes – another actor trying to sing…

Anyway I’ve reconciled myself to that. after the first song I breathed a sigh of relief got over the wobbly knee syndrome and enjoyed every minute. I’ve had some great reviews from musicians, DJs and fans – thank you! It’s not to say that I haven’t had one or two bad ones. I think the first one was the worst; after that I became somewhat philosophical – people have different tastes and I can’t appeal to everyone

I’ve also been doing some work organising gigs for a new venue in Fourways. It’s quite interesting being on the other side of the equation negotiating with musos, agents and bands. I wonder if being a performer makes me more sympathetic to the plight of other performers. It’s tough stuff – and you have to love the music. So go out there people – support our local talent. It’s world-class. Oh and don’t forget to buy my album!!!