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I’m on Scandal!

Erfsondes started on the 14th of April and not end March. The first episode, for those of you who missed it, kick-started with the abduction of my daughter from the hospital shortly after she was born. Actually my daughter was kidnapped and someone else’s child was put in her cot. So yes Kate (Jana’s character) and I are oblivious to this and the police are totally on the wrong track. As for me fatherhood has come somewhat faster than I anticipated and I am handling twins and an overwhelmed wife/mother who is (and this is to be expected) totally stressed and wanting to do everything on her own. It’s also the first time I have worked with babies on set. To all the mothers out there – I salute you!!! 10 May is mother’s day – diarise it – and pay homage. I have started filming SCANDAL – yes you got it – SCANDAL. You will see me on etv Monday to Thursday 09h00 and 19h30 from May. I have been cast – to use the words of Debashine Thangevelo (a journalist for the STAR) as a toy-boy crooner.