I’m a crooner!

So I walk into RT’s and ask if the auditions for the “crooner” are still open. Abigail (played by Michelle Maxwell) tells me she’s seen enough. REJECTION!!!! I had to pinch myself to remain in character. Was I on set or was this déjà vu. I mean this is a daily occurrence in an actor’s/performer’s life. You need a robust soul and a thick hide for show business; just enough “ego” so that you know your self-worth and ability but don’t become overbearing and arrogant. It’s a hard balancing act let me tell you – partly because you want to protect yourself and partly because it’s all about perceptions – how people interpret your behaviour.

There’s a book on the market at the moment called EGONOMICS. In an era where it’s all about transcending the ego it does offer a different perspective. In fact for those of us who don’t quite get the “transcend the ego” thing it offers some relief and affirmation. As someone once said to me you can always find a book that supports your point of view. Anyway this book says don’t transcend ego because you need it – it is what gives you your drive, self assurance, will to succeed etc – manage your ego. How do you manage your ego by mixing in a bit of humility, curiosity and (here it comes another word with a Latin root) veracity (it means the pursuit of and commitment to truth or something like that). So back to RT’s and Abigail. I auditioned, she liked, she hired. Turns out that this may not be all she likes… but she’s still sizing me up. Tune in and watch for developments. SCANDAL! 19h30 etv Monday to Thursday. Oh! On Tuesday’s you’ll need 2 TV sets or PVR – Erfsondes and Scandal – are on at the same time. P.s. this is not arrogance; I’m simply enthusiastic about my work and want to share it. Don’t forget to watch Strictly Come Dancing this Saturday SABC2, 20h00 – I am doing the pirate number again with my wench!