Happy 2011!

A big hello and a happy 2011 to you – may it be filled with all the love and happiness your heart and hands can hold!!!!

I am well-rested from my break in the Cape. My injuries from my last mountain-biking fall are all healed thankfully – my knee really took a pounding. I haven’t had the final okay from the physio but it feels much better.

On my first day at work I observed myself performing the usual rituals with incredible precision. I fed my animals in the same order, I showered, prepared breakfast, even put the breakfast dishes in exactly the same place in the sink. Shock, horror and scenes from About Schmidt followed in quick succession. Shortly after, a friend alerted me to a talk on 702 regarding happiness by Dr Dr Eddie Wolf. The thing that really tickled me was that according to Eddie Wolf people are happiest at age 42. If you have read the The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy you will know that 42 is the answer to the to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. Of course no-one knew what the Ultimate Question of Life was. Have the psychology professionals framed the question – is the ultimate question about happiness?? The other notably funny thing is that Jack Nicholson (About Schmidt) progresses from the pleasant life to the meaningful life as described in the 702 podcast.

The upshot of it all is that if your actions reflect gratitude, kindness, and even some altruism you should be happier. Not a bad code to live by.