First showcase gig

My first gig showcasing my album SOUTH OF NOWHERE – 4 April – was in Mokopane. Mokopane was not quite what I expected. Much bigger and more developed. The town centre which as far as I can tell comprises a “high road” is hugged closely by a core residential area. The economy seems to be driven by mining and farming and I am told that recently there were significant retrenchments in the area. Nonetheless the town was buzzing when we were there. The gig itself was quite something.

The audience response was great – people were dancing, cameras were clicking away furiously, and everyone was cheering enthusiastically. The 80-minute show included some of my favourites from my album SOUTH OF NOWHERE and some well known songs that I put my own interpretation on. I like taking contemporary songs and “inclining’ them toward jazz. Santana, John Mayer, the Usual (a 90’s band) mbaqanga style, George Benson, and even some Jeremy Taylor (do you remember “ag please daddy won’t you take us to the driving?”) Now I’ve piqued your interest.

How does it all hang together you ask? You’re simply going to have to come to my gig on 14 May at Piatto Unplugged, Ceda Square, Fourways. After that we’re off to some of our coastal cities. My thanks to the organisers Simon and Edwidge of the Park Hotel in Mokopane and the Table of Peace and Unity respectively. The band and I were made very welcome by all the staff at the hotel and the people who worked with us on the night. The venue – Mambo’s at the Park Hotel – was excellent. It was all round a great evening and I look forward to going back.