Feast or famine

It has been madly hectic with acting and corporates. Acting is a bit like consulting – it’s feast or famine. The worst thing that can happen during one of the hectic feasting periods when you don’t have time to breathe is the nightmare client. In my case it’s the one that tries to cram the whole band into one hotel room and only tells you this during the one hour break between sound check and the show.

I must say more often than not clients are great and treat you well but you get the odd one that loses the plot.

I’m looking for a central venue to make home for gigs – so watch this space. Keep watching Scandal – the plot will start hotting up again.

On the movie front, if you haven’t seen It’s Complicated yet, get yourself to a movie theatre pronto. It really is Meryl Streep at her best; and Alec Baldwin shows us he isn’t past it at all. Other films to see Alice in Wonderland 3D – can it get any better: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp – and The Single Man. It is slow-moving but Colin Firth is just brilliant.

I am working on a new Facebook page which will give me better functionality. I also can’t accept any more friends on my current page so look me up and join.