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Em stars in new M-Net ad: ‘My Life as a Movie’!

…and from an interview with the creative director of the campaign:

What was it like working with Emmanuel Castis, the lead in the story?

O’Kelly: We first cast Castis, our hero, and then we had to find the three younger versions of him, aged five, 11 and 17. Not an easy feat!

Castis was a good sport. He never complained – even when he got showered with rain in the forest scene in sub-zero temperatures and had to sit through over an hour of being made up to look as though he’d just had an accident.

The car in the accident scene belonged to the Art Director. Fortunately it was a close-up, so Cowboy, our friendly tow-truck driver, helped the art department carefully replace the window with shards of glass.

Read more here: http://10and5.com/2012/08/16/new-m-net-campaign-my-life-as-a-movie/.