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Clowning around

I have always struggled with the idea of clowns at children’s parties. I have in the back of my head a picture from a film. It starts with a slightly out of focus shot of the sad clown and his big red nose in the foreground, then the camera pans across the smiling, sometimes laughing, faces of children. It’s surreal.

And then my aha moment, after this weekend’s news overload. Amy Winehouse, Malawi, Norway……a world gone mad.

If you ask me what I want to be,
I’d say I want to be a magic man,
Take out my magic rag and wipe away the pain, the sad, the bad.
I want to be a magic man,
Take out my magic rag.

I think each one of us is a magic man. One small step, one man at a time, is what it’s about. In the words of a friend, warm hand to warm hand.