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August a-comin’

They say our experiences make us who we are. So, what makes someone phone a bank and say they’ve planted a bomb on the premises? What thrill does this person get from terrifying people and making them fear for their lives? In the middle of the Rivonia Trial matinee last week the theatre was evacuated because of a bomb scare in the neighbouring ABSA bank building. This was the stuff of the 1980’s when we were trying to force necessary change in South Africa. There I am on stage doing a play about change and the next minute I’m in the street waiting to find out if it is a bomb or not. Deja vu indeed!!!!

The thrills didn’t stop there – a week later the theatre is full of SAPS – security everywhere. It seems some “conservative” people threatened to come disrupt the night’s performance. Where are we? In the dark ages? What happened to the rule of law? I was raised not to judge – you don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins – but I must say at times I find this hard to do. And this was one of those times.

The play was an intense experience for me. What did I take away from it? I would say that we are obligated to live a life of integrity that doesn’t offend the dignity of others.