All about July…

I have been consumed by the World Cup. Disappointed to see Bafana Bafana out of the game but absolutely thrilled that the team held its own against some serious competitors. Everyone I have spoken to has had nothing but praise for the World Cup – it has exceeded all expectations. Well almost all – the refereeing has been a bit lacking or should I say a lot lacking.

I was fortunate enough to watch the Greece-Korea game live. Yeah, the team of my forefathers played like lemons or rather they stood around like lemons but it was great to be there nonetheless.

And speaking of the games, I know you’ve all bought your Vuvuzelas, but have you bought your GOGO MAGIC beanie. GOGO started as a volunteer programme making beanies for children in need. It has thanks to M-Net and others trained over 400 women and secured an income for them. You can get involved in many different ways not least of which is buying a beanie. For more details go to