ACTING AND MUSIC and all that jazz

I have been rehearsing for a play that opens at the State Theatre on 6 July. The Rivonia Trial features some of South Africa’s great stage actors and I feel privileged to be working with such an illustrious cast. It’s great to be back on stage actually. As part of our prep, the cast and I joined Robin at Liliesleaf. Do yourselves a favour go there and if you can do a tour with Robin so much the better – the man is brilliant. For his details go to

I also did a very interesting shoot for an article for Marie Claire. The article aims to create awareness about attitudes to race in our country. A number of people participated and we’re all going to be photo-shopped to look like a different ethnic group. I was very glad to be asked because it is an important issue that we face and haven’t quite overcome. I have had some unfortunate experiences in this regard but I have also had some very positive ones and I like to think South Africa is progressing steadily toward a well integrated multi-racial society. I know we all hoped to see change happen far more quickly but I’m not sure that was ever realistic. Here’s to a great country and an extraordinary nation.