About copyright

The gig on the 14th on Johannesburg was great – it was a full and rowdy house – not as rowdy as Mokopane – Jo’burg people you’re going to have to step up to the plate a bit more… Seriously – it was a great gig. A special thanks also to the people who travelled far – Gail I know you travelled a huge distance.

Some factoids about the music industry – depending on the type of a deal an artist signs he/she can make anywhere between R5 and R15 per album this means that if the artists was relying on this to pay say rent of R5000 at R10 per album he has to sell 500 albums every month (we won’t add the car, school-fees for children, groceries, insurance, etc); a composer earns 6.26% of the wholesale price of an album per song so if he/she had one song on the album, using a wholesale price of say R60 album sales must reach 16000 to pay the rent… so next time someone breaches copyright – remind them that it’s someone’s living.